Managing Winter Wheat Quality

Co-authored with Albert Tenuta, Pathologist, Field Crops and Peter Johnson, Agronomist, RealAgriculture Fusarium Head Blight Management Managing Fusarium head blight (FHB), also known as scab, in wheat is crucial to prevent yield loss, reduce mycotoxin contamination and maximize grain quality. Identification Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) symptoms are noticeable soon after flowering. Diseased spikelets (glumes and […]

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Ontario Crop Report – Week of May 30, 2024

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Field Conditions It continues to be a frustrating spring through much of the province. Frequent precipitation has continued to cause delays in tillage, planting, and spraying in some areas, and weather earlier this week has shut down field work once again in many areas. However, with 3–5-day windows of good weather, many producers have covered […]

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Crop Report – May 16, 2024

Field Conditions The season continues to be advanced of normal, which is especially evident in perennial and over-winter crop development. Crop heat units (CHU) and growing degree days (GDD) are significantly above the 10-year average, especially in southern Ontario. Progress for field work, particularly on heavier-textured soils has been limited due to frequent patchy rain, […]

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Effectively Managing Stripe Rust

Co-authored with Albert Tenuta, Pathologist, Field Crops In 2016 the milder winter conditions resulted in early leaf and stripe rust infections in Tennessee and Kentucky. This resulted in rust spores being blown into Ontario earlier than we typically see. By mid-May 2016, stripe rust was prevalent in most areas of southwestern Ontario. Growers who selected […]

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Crop Conditions – Week of May 2nd, 2024

Frequent rains and wet soils across the province have slowed or prevented field work. Soil compaction is likely to be an issue this year, especially for farmers trying to get manure spread ahead of spring planting. Fertilizer has been moving out to farms with storage. Retailers are full and ready to apply product once soil […]

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The Ontario Corn Committee (OCC), the Ontario Cereal Crops Committee (OCCC), the Ontario Pulse Crop Committee (OPCC), and the Ontario Soybean and Canola Committee (OSACC) launched their new website: The new website brings together the four previous crop committee websites under one cohesive banner. Ontario growers rely on third-party variety performance trial information to […]

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Planting Date Matters

map depicting the optimum planting dates for winter wheat across Ontario

By: Joanna Follings and Emma Dieleman Ontario’s winter wheat planting recommendations were established in the 1990s using research trials conducted across the province. This research led to the development of the Ontario winter wheat planting date map (Figure 1). This research found that by every day planting is delayed beyond the optimum planting date for […]

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Achieving success with cover crops after winter wheat

field of short plants with blue sky in background

With winter wheat harvest beginning in parts of the province, cover crop seeding will be close on its heels. Adoption of cover crops has increased in Ontario over the last number of years, and for good reason – they help improve water infiltration, compete with weeds, and capture left-over nutrients. In this article, I’ll share […]

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