Should You Apply a Fungicide for Sclerotinia in Canola

20% Flower 14-16 Open/Dying Flowers

Does spraying Bt corn for Western bean cutworm make sense?

Figure 1. WBC feeding damage and mycelial growth on SmartStax corn hybrid, 2013. J. Smith

Forage Report – July 3, 2014


Forage Options Following Wheat


Italian Ryegrass Forage Options

August seeded Italian ryegrass cut in the fall and again May 24th (shown). (Photo credit Glen McNeil)

Forage Report – June 26, 2014


Forage Report – June 19, 2014


Exeter Ag Breakfast Meeting (June 10)

Permit herbicide – Guidelines for use in field corn

Visual control of yellow nutsedge at 2 weeks after an application of Permit (19 g/ac) + Agral 90 (0.25% v/v)

Forage Report – June 11, 2014