Crop Report – August 1, 2019

Crop Report – August 1, 2019

July 2019 Forage Report

map showing percent of average rainfall in July 2019 in Ontario. Most of the province had below average rainfall, except the north shore of Lake Eire, and northwestern Ontario.

Crop Report – July 25th, 2019

Crop Report – July 25th, 2019

Are insects eating your forage crop?

Image of pasture damaged by armyworms. All the grasses have been eaten, leaving only broadleaf weeds behind.

Instructions on How to Enter Trap Data on the Great Lakes and Maritimes Pest Monitoring Network

Ontario Field Crop Report – Week of July 18th, 2019

First WBC Moth Caught This Year in Ontario

Forage Options for Unseeded Fields

Soybean Management

Pest Watch – Potato Leafhoppers, Thrips and Spider Mites

Mt. Forest Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting – July 2nd, 2019

Cover Crop Options for Unseeded Fields

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