Forage Options When Alfalfa Winterkill Strikes

It is sometimes difficult to know what to do when winterkill completely takes out your alfalfa stands or leaves them patchy and unhealthy. There are many options that can be considered, depending on the calendar date, timing, urgency for feed, and forage yield and nutrient quality requirements.  If winterkill is identified early, the best option is usually […]

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Herbicides, Fungicides, Nitrogen and Sulphur – Prioritizing trips across your winter wheat fields this spring

Joanna Follings, Mike Cowbrough, Peter Sikkema, Dave Hooker and Peter Johnson Mother nature has finally awarded us with some sun and warmer temperatures which will hopefully get the remaining winter wheat stands off to the races.  However, as we get out into the fields some are questioning what to prioritize and what practices to avoid […]

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Forage Report – April 2019

Map showing percent of average precipitation received across Ontario during April 2019

According to Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, April 2019 brought above-average precipitation to most of the province. Southwestern Despite several thaws, forages seem to have overwintered better than expected in most of the region. See Check Alfalfa Stands This Spring and Make a Plan for scouting information. There are some reports of alfalfa heaving. The freeze/thaw […]

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