Crop Report – May 4th, 2022

Figure 1. Winter wheat at GS30 in Brant County.

Nitrogen applications in winter wheat are progressing throughout the province as breaks in the spring rain provide opportunities to get out in the field. Tillage and other field preparations have begun. Cereals Winter wheat fields in general continue to look good across the province with many counties reporting early planted wheat at GS30 and some […]

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April 2022 Forage Report

alfalfa in spring, 10 cm tall

Fall 2021/Winter 2022 Fall of 2021 was warm and open. Many regions of the province saw heavier fall growth in hay fields and pastures than normal because of the late killing frost. While this does not pose any issues for alfalfa, excessive top growth can cause smothering in grass/clover stands. Average to above-average precipitation between […]

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AG Mental Health Resources

Farming is a stressful occupation at any time. However, recent world events have created significant pressures on farming operations and those who support them. While mental health has come a long way in recognition and over coming stigma, many still try to “go it alone”! While most of us are not trained in mental health, […]

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Crop Report – Week of April 25th, 2022

Figure 1. Significant progress on Nitrogen applications to winter wheat has been made in parts of the province over the past week.

Due to cool temperatures and wet conditions (in some areas) over the past week, essentially no meaningful acreage of corn or soybeans have been planted. Most field activities thus far have been field preparation such as manure applications and tillage Winter Wheat Fields that went into last winter in good shape, with uniform emergence and […]

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National Soil Conservation Week, 2022

no-till soybean field with residue and some slope

The week of April 17-23 is National Soil Conservation Week this year. As the Soil Conservation Council of Canada says, soil is a big deal. It’s the foundation of agriculture. It’s a precious resource and, as I’ve written before, can easily be lost and degraded. To mark this week, I wanted to share some resources […]

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2022 Thames Valley Soil and Crop Projects

Directors in the Thames Valley Soil and Crop Region (Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford) have lead an effort to produce larger, more consistent datasets for the on-farm soil and crop projects that are conducted locally each year. One part of this push has been to post protocols for easier access and research consistency. Table 1 lists projects […]

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