Canola & Coffee Speaker Series

Five canola specialists from outside the province were invited to join Ontario producers and agronomists and share their canola expertise in a series of online meetings held from February 9 to March 9, 2022.Those meetings were recorded and the videos are posted below. Each meeting starts with a presentation by the guest speaker (approx. 30 […]

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The Ontario Phosphorus and Potassium Database

corn field with blue sky in background

Did you know that a review of Ontario phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertilizer guidelines was undertaken? The work looked at crop responses to P and K for corn, soybeans, winter wheat and alfalfa from 368 trials conducted over the last several decades. It compared most economic rates to current Ontario fertilizer guidelines as found […]

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Managing Nitrogen for Canola

At a recent virtual speaker series on canola topics, John Heard, Soil Specialist with Manitoba Ag, joined Ontario growers to answer questions on fertilizing canola. A canola crop needs 3 to 3.5 lbs of nitrogen (N) per bushel of grain produced. In spring canola production in Ontario, granular fertilizer is typically broadcast ahead of planting. […]

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Growing Winter Canola in Ontario — Spring: Assess Plant Health and Fertilize

Vegetative/Reproductive Overwintering Growth resumes when average temperatures reach 5°C but will be slow until it is consistently warm. Leaves may have rotted off or be discoloured but the centre of the rosette should be green. Determine the population of healthy plants. 5 plants/ft2 or more is ideal. 3-4 plants/ft2 is acceptable. 1-2 plants/ft2 can be […]

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2021 Corn Seasonal Summary

Corn field southwest of London showing stress and variability from excessive rainfall from late June through August.

Planting In March 2021 Statistics Canada estimated Ontario farmers intended to plant 2.2 million acres of grain corn, 3% higher than the 5-year (2016-2020) average seeded acres of 2.14 million acres (OMAFRA Crop Statistics). Spring 2021 provided a great start for planting. While April generally remained cool, lack of rainfall provided excellent soil conditions with […]

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