Crop Report – May 25th, 2022

Figure 2. Alfalfa weevil feeding on leaf-tips reduce forage yield and quality.

Conditions A large storm system with high winds, and variable amounts of rain on Saturday swept across Windsor to Quebec City, and left widespread power outages, downed trees, and property damage. The storm was classified by Environment Canada as a Derecho, (Figure 1.) which is defined as a line of intense, widespread and fast-moving windstorms and […]

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Potato Leafhopper In Alfalfa

This article was originally written by Joel Bagg in 2012. It was edited May 25, 2022 by Christine O’Reilly to reflect current insecticide options to control potato leafhopper and the cessation of third-party alfalfa variety trials in Ontario. Potato leafhopper (PLH) is the most damaging alfalfa insect pest in Ontario in most years. While the […]

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Alfalfa Weevil

This article was originally written by Joel Bagg in 2013. It was edited May 25th, 2022 by Christine O’Reilly to reflect current insecticide options to control alfalfa weevil. Alfalfa weevil can be an issue in Ontario, particularly in south-western parts of the province. While outbreaks tend to be isolated, they can be severe and dramatically […]

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On-off grazing

cow grazing

On-off grazing is a management technique to minimize damage while grazing wet pastures. It is an alternative to using a sacrifice paddock. Livestock do the least amount of pugging damage to a field when they are actively grazing. It is other activities, such as visiting the water trough or mineral source, lying down, or socializing […]

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Forages/Pastures and Excess Water

standing water drowned plants in a low spot in this pasture

Key Points: Forage and pasture plants are more tolerant of saturated soil conditions in early spring when they are growing slowly. Excess water increases the risk of root and crown diseases. Dig up plants to check for disease after the water has subsided. Flood water may leave behind silt that can smother a crop, raise […]

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Northern Ag Breakfast Meeting- May 18, 2022

flea beetle feeding damaged canola stem

Wednesday May 18th was the second virtual Northern Breakfast Meeting of the season. Thanks to Chloe Langlois, OMAFRA Agriculture Development Advisor – Timiskaming, for chairing the meeting. There will be 2 more meetings, according to the schedule below. After short updates from the OMAFRA specialist listed, the group will discuss any current cropping questions and give […]

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Crop Report – May 18th, 2022

Figure 2. Corn coleoptile ready to emerge from a sandy loam in Eastern Ontario on May 13th.

Conditions Large swaths of the province saw rain early this week, which put a pause on a very productive planting window over the previous week and a bit. The forecast predicts slower progress due to more regular precipitation, which will provide some stress relief on fields that were starting to turn alarmingly dry. Northwestern Ontario […]

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