Do you need to worry about tire soil compaction in the rows during corn planting?

Summary It is important to be aware of soil compaction on or around corn rows during planting  Trials completed in Niagara region and Oxford County during spring/summer 2021 comparing the yield differences between trafficked rows (planting corn into planter tractor tire tracks), rows bordered by row crop tires and untrafficked rows, found no statistical significance […]

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Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure

Soil structure is a key indicator of soil health. The Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure (VESS) provides a simple framework for quantitatively scoring soil structure quality. It requires only a shovel for extracting a block of soil and a scoring sheet for evaluating it and can be performed in about 10 minutes with a little […]

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July 2022 Forage Report

Ontario Hay Listings is a free classifieds service provided by the Ontario Forage Council. Producers looking to buy or sell hay or straw are encouraged to post an ad. The optimal time to summer seed alfalfa mixes depends on the length of the growing season: More than 3100 CHU: August 10-20 2700 – 3100 CHU: August […]

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Ontario Field Crop Report – July 27, 2022

Straw bales post-wheat harvest

Weather Conditions The percentage of average precipitation during the current growing season is quite variable across the province. Crop conditions generally mirror precipitation levels with below average precipitation received in mid-western and southern Ontario causing significant crop stress, especially on lighter textured soils. Conversely, parts of eastern Ontario are above average with generally good crop […]

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Is the yield potential of alfalfa increasing?

The relationship between alfalfa breeding efforts and yield potential is complicated. While most literature on annual grain crops shows yield improvements with the release of new varieties over time, a literature search on alfalfa yield will show improvement, stagnation, and declines, depending on the paper. One of the latest attempts to discern what is really […]

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New Strip-Till Factsheets for Ontario Farmers

front page of factsheet showing title and field of corn

Did you know that there are two new resources on strip-tillage in Ontario? Earlier this year, OMAFRA released two factsheets on strip-till with information specific to Ontario’s climate, soils, and farmer experiences. The first factsheet, called Strip-Tillage in Ontario: The Basics, provides an overview of strip-till, how it works, crops it’s used for, its benefits […]

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