Hail, Hail, Go Away

Strip-Till at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show 2018


Nitrogen Status in 2018 Corn Fields

Compaction Know-How

Bt Corn Products/Traits Available in Canada – As of May 2018

Rain Delay? Good Time to Set Up Wireworm Baits

Resistance Prevention – Managing Western Bean Cutworm and Mycotoxins in Corn

Red Clover added value to Corn!

2017 Corn Seasonal Summary

Locating the Overwintering Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Map of Southern Ontario showing confirmed homeowner finds and established breeding locations of BMSB..

2017 Grain Corn Ear Mould and Vomitoxin (DON) Survey

True Armyworm Scouting, Threshold and Management Guidelines

Good Year for Seedcorn Maggot and Other Early Season Pests

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