Crop Report – June 30, 2021

Figure 2. Fusarium head blight infection in winter wheat that was not sprayed with a T3 fungicide.

June 2021 Forage Report

map depicting the percent of average precipitation received across Ontario in June 2021

Cobourg/Winchester Breakfast Meeting Minutes – June 23, 2021

Crop Report – June 23, 2021

Figure 2. Thrips feed on individual plant cells leaving scars along the leaf veins. (Photo credit: Robert Moloney, Boyd’s Farm Supply)

Exeter, Mount Forest Breakfast Meeting Minutes: June 22, 2021

soybeans with mulch underneath

From the Backside to the Countryside – Manure Odours

Anthracnose Fungicides for Dry Beans

photo of edible beans in the field, green pods have anthracnose lesions

Pre-Harvest Herbicide Use in Canola

Nipplewort Control in Winter Wheat

Moisture Content and the Hay Drying Curve

Crop Report – June 16, 2021

Figure 2. Plants that are delayed in growth relative to their neighbours should also serve as red flags to dig and investigate.

Cobourg/Winchester Breakfast Meeting – June 9, 2021

frosted soybeans

Exeter-Mt Forest Ag Breakfast Meeting Minutes – June 8, 2021

Crop Report – June 9, 2021

Figure 1. PLH feeding causes yellowing of leaf tips, called “hopperburn”, shown here in a new seeding of alfalfa. Photo credit: J. Lindeboom.
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