Consultation for the Plant and Animal Health Strategy for Canada – Ends April 30th

2016-2017 Field Crop Protection Guide

Swede Midge in Canola Infosheet

Stay Ahead of Cereal Leaf Beetle

Stand Loss Assessments for Ontario’s Neonic Regulations

Great Time to Scout for Wireworms and Grubs

What Growers Can Do to Mitigate Dust Drift at Planting

Neonic Regulation Requirements “To Do List”

Neonics and What Corn and Soybean Growers Need to Know Now

Western Bean Cutworm – Still Scout Corn and Now Dry Beans Too

Which Stink Bug is it?

Checked Soybeans for Aphids Lately? You Should

Western Bean Cutworm Scouting Begins

Western Bean Cutworm Update 2015

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