Spring Scouting of Alfalfa

alfalfa stem with frost-damaged leaf margins

Killing off Roundup Ready Alfalfa

Diagnosing Nutrient Deficiencies

Are insects eating your forage crop?

Image of pasture damaged by armyworms. All the grasses have been eaten, leaving only broadleaf weeds behind.

Mount Forest Ag Breakfast Minutes – April 23, 2019

A field of winter wheat in April, 2019 that shows parts of the field with adequate stands and areas of the field that have winter killed and are bare.

July 2018 Forage Report

percent of average rainfall Ontario July 2018

Ontario Field Crop Report – July 5, 2018

cutting bar height is too low on hay field increases risk of soil contamination

General Guidelines for Scouting Alfalfa

Stop gulley erosion with forages

May 2018 Forage Report

precipitation map May 2018

Risk of Alfalfa Winterkill in 2018

alfalfa winterkill

Winchester AgBreakfast Meeting Notes – May 10, 2016

Winchester AgBreakfast Minutes – April 26, 2016

Winchester AgBreakfast Minutes May 12, 2015

Winchester AgBreakfast Minutes – April 28, 2015

Winchester AgBreakfast Minutes – April 14, 2015

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