Snow Mould in Ontario Winter Wheat Fields

Winter wheat fields are experiencing snow mould in regions that had significant snow coverage and included but are not limited to Bruce, Grey, Huron, Perth and Wellington counties. Those fields effected were generally planted early and had lots of top growth. There are also varietal differences with more susceptible varieties showing more severe symptoms. When […]

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Spring Scouting of Alfalfa

alfalfa stem with frost-damaged leaf margins

Photo: Scouting a few days after a spring frost is a good way to assess the severity of any damage. Good agronomy is very important for achieving good yield and quality in forage crops. While good agronomy includes a fertility plan, seeding techniques, and harvest management, it also relies on proactive decision-making. The only way […]

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Soybean Aphids Starting Up

I have been hearing reports of soybean aphids starting to pop up on non-Cruiser soybeans in Ontario. It has been a few years since we’ve had to deal with them so I thought a refresher might be in order. Soybean aphids initially start to colonize in pockets of early planted fields. Several plants in these […]

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