Crop Report – April 13, 2022

Wheat Emergence

Cereals Coming out of a wet fall, winter wheat conditions are variable across the province. Bare spots from standing water and poor drainage have been reported in some areas, especially on heavy clay soils. In many cases it may be too early to decide on whether to keep a “spotty” field. Higher wheat prices are […]

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Managing Jointing and Non-Jointing Grasses

Christine O’Reilly, Forage and Grazing Specialist, OMAFRA Grass doesn’t just happen and not all species grow the same way. Understanding how different grass species grow enables producers to make good management decisions that maximize forage production in their hay fields and pastures. Jointing and non-jointing grasses respond differently to cutting, which directly affects productivity and […]

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Crop Report – August 1, 2019

Nitrates in Silage Fast-growing crops can accumulate nitrates under dry weather conditions. This is most common in corn, but sorghums, sudangrass, millets, cereals, and Italian ryegrass can all accumulate high levels of nitrates and potentially cause nitrate poisoning in livestock.    Why are high nitrate levels a problem? Nitrates (NO3-N) are converted to nitrites (NO2-N) […]

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