Chickweed infesting an Alfalfa crop – What to do?


Should ammonium sulfate be added to glyphosate?


Using Pre-Harvest Herbicides in Soybeans

bean_separating from pod

Herbicide Injury in Corn and Soybean, FarmSmart Expo 2012

A close up of corn injury caused by 8 times the labelled rate of Liberty (glufosinate) applied to Liberty Link corn

Herbicide Injury Scenarios in Corn – Diagnostic Day Plots

Injury caused by a post emergent application of isoxaflutole/atrazine without the crop safener

Soybean response to late herbicide applications

Pre-plant dandelion control in soybeans

Centre Wellington-20120509-00049

When I apply 28% UAN to winter wheat can I also add a herbicide?

Refine M + UAN injury

Importance of Managing Perennial Weeds in the Fall: Quackgrass


Comparing Herbicide Programs in Identity Preserved (IP) Soybean

How 10 cm (4″) can get you 50% off your herbicide bill?

annual weed control with glyphosate (360 g/L) at 1.5 L/ac applied to 20 cm (8") tall weeds

Explaining poor weed control

velvetleaf density and impact on control

How does tillage affect glyphosate performance?

volunteer wheat control with glyphsoate pre tillage
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