Interpreting a Detailed Manure Analysis

Aug 6 article - manure analysis Table 1 c

Sulphur On Alfalfa

Figure 4 - Response from potassium sulphate applied to alfalfa following 1st cut.

Plan B for 2013 Late Fall Manure Application

Risk of soil and nutrient movement is highest in saturated top cm of frozen soils during a winter warm-spell.

Potassium: Are your levels slipping?

Manure Applied to Forages Has Value

Liquid Dairy Manure applied at 3,500 gal/ac to forage field harvested earlier same day.

Nutrients and Value of Liquid Hog Manure

Liquid Hog Manure Value April 2013

Do I need to apply sulphur to winter wheat?


Seed Placed Starter Delivers in Winter Wheat

An air cart is used to allow for seed placed fertilizer when planting winter wheat

Nutrient deficiency key

Nutrient Deficiency Key Screenshot

Nitrogen Status in 2012 Corn Fields

Johne’s Disease: Should Manure Be Applied To Forages?

Manure on Forages

Let’s compare organic amendments

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