Herbicides, Fungicides, Nitrogen and Sulphur – Prioritizing trips across your winter wheat fields this spring

Joanna Follings, Mike Cowbrough, Peter Sikkema, Dave Hooker and Peter Johnson Mother nature has finally awarded us with some sun and warmer temperatures which will hopefully get the remaining winter wheat stands off to the races.  However, as we get out into the fields some are questioning what to prioritize and what practices to avoid […]

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Controlling common burdock

Effective control of common burdock doesn’t happen overnight and is most successful when you can control new seedlings in the spring followed by controlling any larger first year plants in the fall so that they don’t overwinter, flower and disperse new seed the following year . Common burdock (Arctium minus) is a biennial that reproduces only […]

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Re-Spraying Weeds in Non-GMO soybeans

flumetsulam applied post to soys

Dealing with weed escapes in non-GMO or “identity preserved” soybeans can be challenging because many of the herbicides available don’t control a large spectrum of weeds nor will the handle larger weeds the way that glyphosate does in a glyphosate tolerant (RR) soybean crop. I have summarized the performance of several post-emergence herbicides for non-GMO […]

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